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WOC - Ripple Rock explosion (1958-04-05)
Wings Over Canada - Campbell River, BC Ripple Rock Project: Ripple Rock was an underwater, twin-peaked mountain in the Seymour Narrows of the Discovery Passage in British Columbia, Canada, a part of the marine trade route from Vancouver and coastal points north. The nearest town was Campbell River. Only 2.7 metres (9 feet) underwater at low tide, it was a marine hazard, described by the explorer George Vancouver as "one of vilest stretches of water in the world." It was destroyed by a planned explosion on April 5, 1958. This is a National Historic Event in Canada. The Ripple Rock explosion was seen throughout Canada, live on CBC Television. It was one of the first live coast to coast television coverages of an event in Canada.
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Demolition of Ripple Rock
Ripple Rock was a major hazard to navigation in Seymour Narrows, Canada. Seymour Narrows is at the Southern end of the Inside Passage on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
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Ripple Rock Explosion April 5th 1958
Ripple Rock was a reef less than 3 meters below the surface of Seymour Narrows. It was a major navigation hazard and caused about 120 shipwrecks between 1875 and 1958 killing at least 110 people. There had long been plans to try and remove it somehow. Between November 1955, and April 1958, a three-shift operation involving an average of 75 men worked to build a 174 metre vertical shaft from Maud Island, a 762 metre horizontal shaft to the base of Ripple Rock, and two main 91 meter vertical shafts into the twin peaks, from which "coyote" shafts were drilled for the explosives. The contract was awarded to two firms for $2,639,000. At the time of the contract it was estimated the tunnels and shafts would not be completed until either 1957 or 1958 1,270 metric tons of Nitramex 2H explosives were placed in these shafts, estimated at ten times the amount needed for a similar explosion above water. The explosion took place at 9:31:02 am on April 5, 1958. 635,000 metric tons of rock and water was displaced by the explosion, resulting in debris at least 300 metres in the air, falling on land on either side of the narrows. The blast increased the clearing at low tide to about 14 metres (45 feet). The Royal Canadian Mounted Police cleared the area of within 3 miles of the explosion, and the engineers and TV crew that witnessed the explosion were housed in a bunker It remains to this day one of the top five planned explosions in human history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripple_Rock
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Ripple Rock
An excerpt from the series 'Canada Over The Edge' detailing the efforts and planning required to destroy the infamous 'Ripple Rock' near Campbell River, BC.
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Ripple Rock - The Evaporators
couldn't find this gem anywhere on youtube so here it is.
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Ripple Rock Exhibit at Campbell River Museum
Museum at Campbell River's Ripple Rock exhibit is profiled
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Zodiac tour running against the current at Ripple Rock
Huge tidal current at ripple rock off the eastern Vancouver Island coast
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Bucking the tide through Seymour Narrows
Bucking a 10.5 knot ebb tide through Seymour Narrows
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Ripple Rock
We go for a 8km (altogether) hike to Ripple Rock viewpoint, with our good friend, Max.
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BC Was Awesome - Ripple Rock Explosion
Bob boats to the site of the once terrifying Ripple Rock. Now it’s also the site of one of the biggest maritime explosions ever. He speaks to two buddies who tried to ‘make a buck’ by bussing people to watch the blast. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TELUS Optik Local supports compelling, original stories told by filmmakers from BC and Alberta by providing production funding, training and exposure to new audiences. Find out more - http://optiklocal.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with us: Optik Local Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/optiklocal/ Optik Local Twitter - https://twitter.com/optiklocal Optik Local Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/optiklocal/ STORYHIVE Twitter - https://twitter.com/storyhive STORYHIVE Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/storyhive STORYHIVE Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/storyhive/
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Ned Landry - Ripple Rock Jig (1960 RCA Victor Version)
Ned Landry Ripple Rock Jig (Ned Landry) From the 1960 LP "Old Time Fiddlin'" (RCA Victor LCP-1033, reissued as RCA Camden CAL-894, 1965). To read about Ned Landry click here: http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/ned-landry-emc/
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Afternoon Adventurers- Ripple Rock, Campbell River, B.C.
Follow our families journey as we explore the breath taking sights of Canada's Vancouver Island. We've been traveling across Canada in our trusty RV Murtle. 1 RV + the 4 of us (and our Hedgehog Regi) searching for adventure in this vast country side we call home! Changing our environment, perspectives and lives one kilometer at a time! Follow along, share your thoughts and don' forget to leave a like and hit the subscribe button! Musical Credit goes to; Diana Taylor- New Horizons Max Tune- Pacific Ocean Alex Stoner- Jump!
Ripple Rock 1958
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Ripple Rock
Ripple Rock - Seymour Narrows Drone footage by Maxwel Hohn
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This Week in History Ep. 21 - Ripple Rock
Originally aired April 6, 2013
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Ripple Rock
Sailing with Bob
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Ripple Rock explosion 1958
the April 5, 1958 demolition of Ripple Rock - a marine hazard in British Columbia's Seymour Narrows. The destruction of Ripple Rock was a brilliant bit of engineering that produced the largest non-nuclear explosion in history.
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Ripple Rock Explosion
Short clip of the famed Ripple Rock explosion removing a major hazard to marine navigation in Seymour Narrows near Campbell River, BC in 1958. The whole film can be seen at the Campbell River Museum. http://www.crmuseum.ca/ Music: http://www.bensound.com
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Ripple Rock Ranger Relay 2017 Gr 5 Girls
Ignore Mr. Van's shaky camera work, or his worried exclamations!
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ScienceMan Lesson – Ripple Rock Explosion
A quick video from the end of the Ripple Rock Trail – highlighting the spot in Seymour Narrows where they blew up an underwater mountain in 1958 to clear the narrows for ships. A great hiking trail!
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Ripple Rock maelstrom, Campbell River, BC
Maelstrom whirlpools from the Ripple Rock lookout. The tide was moving south towards Campbell River & sooner or later will reverse in flow. Not a place you would want to get caught in!
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Ripple Rock Explosion
Ripple Rock was an underwater, twin-peaked mountain in the Seymour Narrows of the Discovery Passage in British Columbia, Canada, a part of the marine trade route from Vancouver. Only 3 meters underwater at low tide, it was a deadly marine hazard which had claimed hundreds of lives. It was destroyed by a planned explosion on 05/04/1958 using 1,270 tons of explosives placed underneath the peaks by drilling vertical and horizontal shafts from Maud Island in the sound.
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Ripple Rock Anniversary
Ripple Rock was an underwater, twin-peaked mountain in the Seymour Narrows of the Discovery Passage in British Columbia, Canada, a part of the marine trade route from Vancouver and coastal points north. The nearest town was Campbell River. Only 2.7 meters (9 feet) underwater at low tide, it was a marine hazard, described by the explorer George Vancouver as "one of vilest stretches of water in the world." It was destroyed by a planned explosion on April 5, 1958. Fifty years later, the City of Campbell River commissioned a Vancouver-based special effects firm to "recreate" the blast.
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Ripple Rock Hiking Trail - 2017
My friend, Meesh and I went and did the Ripple Rock hiking trail just north of Campbell River, BC Canada. We did this hike May 13, 2017.
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Ripple Rock
Ripple Rock ... the largest non-nuclear explosion in the world, a west coast legend and a song long overdue. More great music at my site http://britishcolumbiamusic.com/
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Ripple Rock Trail
First of all, I would like to apologize for not having me tripod, as a result of this, some of the shots are less than steady.. However non-steady, here is some of the scenery from one of the more popular trails in the area, this is a fairly easy 8km hike (4km there and back). From the highway parking area the trail takes you through patches of old growth past Menzies Bay to Wilfred Point overlooking the former Ripple Rock in Seymour Narrows. Ripple Rock was one of the most notorious marine hazards along the entire wast coast until the largest man-made, non-nuclear explosion in history blew it up in 1958. There are nice viewpoints and resting spots along the way, with the most notably being the beach at Nymph Cove. Anyone in the Campbell River area interested in getting outside more often, visitors looking wanting ideas of day trips while here, this is a great hike with very interesting history. Thanks again for watching, and reading.
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Uk Newsreel footage of Ripple Rock Explosion April 5th 1958
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripple_Rock Source material https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ6KUsnpg-s
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Ripple Rock Explosion in slow motion
Ripple Rock was in Seymour Narrows just north of Campbell River, The rock was a serious navigation hazard and caused over 100 shipwrecks in the century before it was blown up. On April 5th 1958 the rock was blown up. 635,000 tonnes of rock and water flew up to 300 meters in the air. I slowed the film down to 1/4 the original speed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripple_Rock
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Seymour Narrows
The dreaded Seymour Narrows, home of the now-reduced Ripple Rock - and two hours early, no less. Pretty mild, though a lot of water flowing through.
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Ripple Rock
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97.3 The Eagle @ the Ripple Rock Explosion Anniversary
April 5th, 2008 was the 50th anniversary of the famous Ripple Rock Explosion. 97.3 The Eagle was there as the day was proclaimed a National Historic Event!
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Ripple Rock Elk
A herd of elk near the Ripple Rock Trail on Vancouver Island. The SuavAir ground crew thought there was 19, but our UAV has the proof that there was 22. Do you agree?....How many do you count? Disclaimer: We did not disturb the Elk. There was a small boat to the left of the screen that was coming into shore. As professional foresters, we were doing an assessment on the tidal zone and captured the Elk on video because it was a great opportunity. www.SuavAir.com
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Ripple Rock music video
The largest non-nuclear explosion in the world, a west coast legend and a song long overdue. By Kent Fiddy & David Sinclair. Video Directed by Gary Prendergast
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Ripple Rock
Ripple Rock
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Ripple Rock
Ebb tide at 1 minute per second
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Ripple Rock Sept 2013  Medium
Quick hike to Ripple Rock; click http://wp.me/pG83g-Q5 to read more (slideshow effect made the pics not as clear)
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Beneath the white water, off Vancouver, lie the twin peaks of Ripple Rock. Here, they've packed in tons of explosive. It's the climax, of a million and a quarter pound project; to blow up the great hazard, that has claimed many ships, and 120 lives. Fourteen hundred tons of "Nitramex 2H" made the biggest man-made, non-atomic blast, on record. The top of Ripple Rock is now forty seven feet, below the surface. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/a3b233f6bce747609ad761ce78468ed4 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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NIC's Ripple Rock Hike
North Island College's Adventure Guiding class laces up the hiking boots and sets out to the Ripple Rock lookout north of Campbell River, home of the largest non-nuclear explosion of all time.
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Ripple Rock explosion -1958
Television coverage of the explosion of Ripple Rock (near Campbell River, B.C.) on April 5, 1958. Bill Herbert and Ted Reynolds covered the live event for CBC television. This explosion was the world's largest non-nuclear peacetime explosion.
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Ripple rock restorations
Ripple rock restorations warehouse water and flood drying equipment fans dryers dehumidifiers
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The ripple rock explosion happened in Dud, Romania. Music: Epidemic Sound - Decisive Minutes 3 - Magnus Ringblom Epidemic Sound - Fantasy Trailer 1 - Jon Björk Cameras Used: Action Camera - Eken 4K Drone - Mavic Air Camera - Lumix GH5
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Top 13. Best Tourist Attractions in Campbell River, British Columbia
group facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1787047574894248/ The most beautiful places and sight in Campbell River. Top 13. Best Tourist Attractions in Campbell River, British Columbia: The Museum at Campbell River, Elk Falls Provincial Park, Elk Falls Suspension Bridge, Ripple Rock, Quinsam River Hatchery, Maritime Heritage Centre, Discovery Passage Aquarium, Destiny River Adventures, Rotary Sea Walk, Shelter Point Distillery, Beaver Lodge Forest Land, Holly Hill Farm, Morton Lake Provincial Park,
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Ripple Rock Trail - Campbell River, British Columbia
Ripple Rock Trail - Campbell River, British Columbia
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Ripple Rock
Treacherous currents, swirling eddies, and turbulant tide-rips still barass vessels despite the blasting away in 1958 of the twin peaks of Ripple Rock. Chartered in 1792 by Captain George Vancouver, the Narrows has claimed numerous ships and lives and is considered by many seamen the worst hazard to marine navigation on the British Columbia coast.
2011 Ripple Rock RV Park on Vancouver Island
Ripple Rock RV Park on Vancouver Island is on the Inland Passage with great scenery and fishing. My channel with many more trips and adventures: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpGnMStbKLy5WiJSsgpDl9g/videos
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Ripple rock/Vancouver Island/Helicopter/RD Collins
Flying into Campbell River
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