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WD Gann's secret revealed
This is an explosive video which reveals how WD Gann was able to predict the wheat futures in 1909. I reveal the most important secret nd technique used to predict the future time and price.
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Tunnel Thru The Air - W.D. Gann Secret, Successful Decodes, Correct Starting Point,  Gann Made Easy
Search "Financial Astrology Khit Wong" for more secrets unveiled to you. learn more at http://www.trineaspect.com/wd-gann/stock-and-commodities-course.html a Moon Beam Thru the Tunnel by Petter Ivar Amundsen; Bonnie Hill Link Natal information; Http://www.trineaspect.com khit wong Tunnel Thru The Air Correct Starting Point form reading change of trend
LITECOIN (LTC): Remote Viewing Forecast 11/18-03/19
http://farsight.org This forecast is for the period from 18 November 2018 thru 18 March 2019. Release Date: 18 November 2018 from Farsight RESULTS FOR THIS FORECAST CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://farsight.org/FarsightPress/Cryptocurrency_Past_Forecasts_and_Analyses.html Thanks to Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com) for select stock audio and Wikipedia Commons contributors for select stock stills. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of these contributors. Also, check out Farsight's Time-Cross Project: Mysteries Unveiled! http://farsight.org/demo/Time_Cross_Project/Time_Cross_Farsight_main_page.html YOU CAN HELP! Please consider contributing captions in various languages. This helps Farsight extend to a world audience. To do this, go here: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UC2VSjjaxNyYDZrBxrYQzcJQ TWITTER: @farsightrv
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Victory Stele of Naram-Sin
Victory Stele of Naram-Sin, Akkadian, pink limestone, 2254-2218 B.C.E. (Louvre, Paris) This monument depicts the Akkadian victory over the Lullubi Mountain people. In the 12th century B.C.E., 1,000 years after it was originally made, the Elamite king, Shutruk-Nahhunte, attacked Babylon and, according to his later inscription, the stele was taken to Susa in what is now Iran. A stele is a vertical stone monument or marker often inscribed with text or relief carving. Speakers: Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker. Created by Beth Harris and Steven Zucker.
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Saturn Opposition to Hershel
S&P 500 XLPlanet example of planetary support/resistance
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