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Calculating AdWords ROI (Return on Investment VS Return On Ad Spend)
Watch The #1 fastest selling Google AdWords course on Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/the-ultimate-google-adwords-training-course/?couponCode=YOUTUBEDESC35 Our website: www.adventureppc.com Understanding your return on investment (ROI) in Google AdWords is one of the most important things you need to know how to do when it comes to AdWords and PPC management. You won't be able to understand your pay per click campaigns if you can't determine how profitable your AdWords campaigns are. This video will show you how to calculate ROI in AdWords and what the difference between ROI and ROAS (return on ad spend) is. Thanks for watching and we hope you find more AdVenture Media Group videos useful!
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Social Media Strategy: Measuring ROI From Social Media
Social ROI isn't easy to measure, BUT you can and should put systems in place to regularly track your return on investment. This full, free lesson covers all the ways to do so: http://bit.ly/2OUMPPC
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AdWords: Tracking your return on investment with Google Analytics
Learn how to track sales and leads on your website with Google Analytics!
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Analytics Mastery Session 22 : Return on Investment Analysis
Objective of this session is to learn Return on Investment Analysis for Brand or Marketing Campaign and we will learn benefits associated with using this measurement
Maximizing Your Return on Investment from HR Analytics I Rolling Arrays
Manu Khetan - Speaker at HR Analytics, Insights and Implementation Forum APAC 2016 Manu Khetan, a recognized HR Transformation leader known for crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals, shared his expertise about: Building a foundation – what data do you have to get key analytics? Building insight – how do you get key insights that are most relevant for decision making? Building a process – how do you ensure that your analytics can provide continual insight? Rolling Arrays is Asia's premier award winning HR Transformation Company, headquartered in Singapore with offices in 6 countries. Since its inception in 2009, Rolling Arrays has successfully delivered more than 100 HR transformation projects for more than 50 blue-chip clients across Asia. A consultative approach to HR Processes, HR Functions and HR Software is Rolling Arrays core expertise and the primary catalyst for its' success.
Insight to Action With Deloitte: Driving ROI With Marketing Analytics (Cloud Next '19)
Join Deloitte as we discuss the power of Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Marketing Analytics on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Reaching customers at the right point in the purchase funnel at scale based on historical models is a goal of marketers. Improve insights-to-action timeline is the value of using the GCP. In this session, you’ll discover how to deliver faster insights, help drive action, and increase ROI, leveraging the power of Marketing Analytics on GCP and GMP. We will illustrate how a flexible data architecture allows clients to answer very granular business questions. Drive ROI with Marketing Analytics → https://bit.ly/2TSalhv Watch more: Next '19 Data Analytics Sessions here → https://bit.ly/Next19DataAnalytics Next ‘19 All Sessions playlist → https://bit.ly/Next19AllSessions Subscribe to the GCP Channel → https://bit.ly/GCloudPlatform Speaker(s): Sharon Harris, Matt Mager Session ID: DA107 product:Google Marketing Platform,BigQuery; fullname:Matt Mager;
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How To Measure ROI of Your Content Marketing (NEVER Waste Time or Money Again)
Blogging takes time, energy, and money. So how do you know if your efforts are working? You've heard me say it time and time again. You need a blog, and you need to do content marketing. You need to make your blog so popular you rank everywhere in Google. But you know what? It takes time, energy and money to do all of that blogging. Is it worth it? Hey, everyone, I'm Neil Patel, and today I'm talking about how you can measure the ROI of your content marketing. 0:47 How To Measure The ROI Of Your Content Marketing Tip #1 The first thing you need to do is set up Google Analytics. You don't want just to set up Google Analytics where you're tracking all the visits. But you want to set up goal tracking in Google Analytics. Once you see hey we're getting all these sales and leads, you can look at where people are coming from. If you're generating a hundred sales a month or a thousand, whatever the number is, but you find 50% of them first find your blog through content marketing or some blog post, that tells you that hey, content marketing is working. And you can put a number to it. And then from there, you can figure out if it's worth it, or you should be doing more of it or less of it. 1:30 How To Measure The ROI Of Your Content Marketing Tip #2 The second thing that you need to be looking at when it comes to the ROI of content marketing is how well your paid advertising is converting. A lot of your paid advertising sales will come from re-marketing. You need to look at the first entry point of where people are first coming from because in many cases you're going to re-market to them, and you're going to show them banner ads as they browse the web, relate to your products, relate to your services. And you want to make sure you're putting some attribution to content marketing. So let's say you're getting 500 sales from re-marketing. You know 50% of your traffic is coming from the blog. You know there's a good chance that a significant portion of your re-marketing sales is also coming from your blog. So you want to attribute some of those sales to your content marketing. So make sure you're looking at your re-marketing numbers, how many sales it's generating and what portion of those visitors are from the blog as well. 2:24 How To Measure The ROI Of Your Content Marketing Tip #3 The third thing you want to end up tracking to figure out the ROI of your content marketing is brand mentions. Look at Twitter. How many retweets are you getting? Look at Facebook. How many mentions, social shares are you getting? Look at LinkedIn. Are people talking about you at conferences within your industry? There's a lot of value that goes into building a brand. And if your brand is growing and you're seeing it, then that shows that the content marketing is helping. 3:52 How To Measure The ROI Of Your Content Marketing Tip #4 The last tip I have for you is to collect emails from your blog posts. See, someone goes to your blog. They read it. They're there for the education, the information. If you're trying to get, them to convert into a sale right away, probably not going to happen. You need to build up that trust. To build up that trust, you have to collect emails. So that you can use tools like hellobar.com. Collect emails through content upgrades, pop-ups, sliders, the possibilities are endless. Hellobar's free as well. And through Hellobar once you collect the emails, you can start dripping people and engaging with them over time getting to know them. Building up that trust. And then after a week or two, you can sell them on your products or services. By doing that what you'll find is you'll generate more sales. And over time that'll give you a much better ROI from your content marketing because you'll also start getting more direct sales. ►Subscribe: https://goo.gl/ScRTwc to learn more secret SEO tips. Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neilkpatel/ Read more on my blog: https://neilpatel.com/blog #NeilPatel #contentmarketingroi #influencermarketing
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4 Easy Ways to Measure Content Marketing ROI | Is Your Blogging Worth The Effort?
Is your blogging even worth the time and efforts? Here's how you can measure Content Marketing ROI for all of your content marketing efforts. Subscribe here to learn more of my secret content marketing tips: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=neilvkpatel Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neilkpatel/ Read more on my blog: https://neilpatel.com/blog Do you really want to be left out? No, who does! Hey everyone, I'm Neil Patel, and today, I'm going to share with you how to measure Content Marketing ROI. So now that you've already known, or at least hopefully I already convinced you to do content marketing, you need to measure the Content Marketing ROI. So what's the first thing you need to do? Sign up for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool from Google. It'll tell you how much traffic you're getting. See, the beautiful part is, not only will Google Analytics show you how much traffic you're getting, and this is the second tip, is it can tell you how many conversions you're generating. So tip number one was to sign up for Google Analytics, tip number two is to track your conversions within Google Analytics. So instead of goal tracking, and within Google Analytics, you can identify how much each lead or each sale is worth to you, and every time you generate a sale from your content marketing, it'll show you that this is how much revenue you've generated. Then you could match that up with how much money you've spent. If you spent a lot of money and you've generated even more money, then you're good. If you're spending $10,000 a month but you're only generating $1000 a month, something's quite wrong. The third thing you need to know is it takes a year before content marketing does well. Yes, within six months you will see results, but within a year or after a year more so, that is really when things start kicking in, so you have to be patient. If you want to be cashflow positive in the first twelve months, it's probably not going to happen. If you started five to ten years ago, sure, but it's way harder to get rankings in Google, and it's harder to get traffic from social sites like Facebook, so you need to give it time. Last, but not least, if you're trying to generate Content Marketing ROI, go check out SEMRush. They'll tell you how much traffic you're generating and how much it's worth, similar to Google Analytics, but they give you a dollar estimate, and they tell you, other people, who are buying traffic for your keywords, how much they're spending. So for my blog, my neilpatel.com site, my traffic's worth more than a half a million dollars a month. That's a lot, and it's all about content marketing. As you can imagine, I'm not spending a half a million dollars a month in content marketing. Now I'm not saying I'm generating a half a million dollars in income, but what SEMRush is telling me is if I had to buy that traffic, and other people are buying it, and that's what they tell you, that traffic is worth roughly a half a million dollars. That's a huge number, right? That's the power of content marketing. There's Content Marketing ROI; you just have to be patient and give it a year.
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How to Measure Return on Marketing Investment? | Alcohol & Analytics | Sherpa Marketing
In our latest Alcohol & Analytics event, Michael McCaffrey, our Calgary-based account manager and B2B expert, got the ball rolling with an espionage-themed talk on predictive marketing and how to reverse engineer how much to spend on marketing and how to measure the conversions that move prospects through the sales funnel. Curious? Watch the video to see what he's got to say, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Learn more about Sherpa's Alcohol & Analytics: https://goo.gl/5V4G5a
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Signals Return on Investment
Signals is a powerful platform with a high return on investment. Watch this short video to see what you can achieve with the power of data analytics.
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Category Management Series Tip #6 Manufacturer Promotional Return on Investment
Sue Nicholls of Category Management Knowledge Group (CMKG) walks you through the analytics required to measure promotional return on investment for suppliers, based on different cost scenarios with a retailer. Check CMKG's training at http://www.cmkg.org Follow us in LinkedIn Group at https://www.linkedin.com/company/category-management-knowledge-group Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hiCmkg Subscribe to Sue's weekly blog at http://blog.cmkg.org/blog
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The ROI of People Analytics
https://www.trendata.com/request-a-demo The great Irish statesman Edmund Burke was known to have said, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” This adage is as true in business as it is in politics. Failed business leaders rarely look at more than the current moment or quarter when making important decisions, while successful ones have a strategy plotted out that encompasses a much broader timetable. Trending your past metrics into actionable HR analytics can let you know if your organization is on the right course, or indicate whether you need to make to a correction. Join Tom McKeown, CEO of TrenData, on this webinar as he discusses best practices and the immediate return on investment of implementing a robust people analytics solution.
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App Advertising Analytics: How To Get ROI From Your Spending
More at http://businessofapps.com Saikala Sultanova, User Acquisition Lead, Space Ape Games Presents At App Promotion Summit London 2016 On The Subject Of 'How To Get ROI From Your Spending' covering: - How To Manage A Campaign And Track KPIs Effectively - Using Data To Make Decisions About Spend And Traffic Sources - Optimizing Creative And Messaging Using Metrics
Marketing: Marketing Strategy Metrics For Better Return On Investment
Acquiring a few customers is ok but once you begin acquiring many customers, you can build a business around it. But how is this measured? Through marketing metrics. How to measure your marketing progress with specific metrics? How can you improve your marketing return on investment through metrics? Metrics discussed include CPA (cost per acquisition - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cost_per_action) and LTV (life time value - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Customer_lifetime_value). You'll discover why CPA should be less than LTV and how you can include this ratio in your marketing. Specific examples of how to perform these calculations are provided. Split testing is also covered. Discover what conversion goal and funnel are and why they are important.
Measuring Marketing ROI and performence with Google Analytics Url Builder
Google Analytics url builder Chrome extension - Download from the Chrome store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gaidpiakchgkapdgbnoglpnbccdepnpk
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Three ways to improve marketing return on investment
McKinsey partners Dennis Spillecke and Jesko Perrey explain the three ways to use analytics to track marketing return on invesment (MROI): test and learn, heuristics, and media mix modeling (MMM). But optimizing MROI requires having a clear understanding of what you want to measure. From the book Retail Marketing and Branding (http://retailmarketing.mckinsey.com)
Thought Leaders Series: Visualizing Member ROI with Data Analytics
Show your members what they are getting for their association membership with an ROI Dashboard. Learn how 4A’s, an association for advertising agencies combined data from their AMS, eCommerce, Learning Management System, business intelligence and other platforms to provide members with a Return on Investment Dashboard, and enhance your understanding of data analytics. Join Dr. Andy Hicken, Director of Quality and Strategy at Web Courseworks and Don Worthley, Software Architect at Element Eleven as they discuss big #data and how associations can use them to prove membership return on investment.
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Simple Guide to Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
Great introductory video on how to calculate the return on marketing investment (ROMI) metric.
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ROI and Analytics - George Paul
George Johnson, George Paul Vinegar UNL Direct Marketing of Specialty Food Products
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REAL Return on Investment
Calculating the REAL return on investment for public improvement projects is rarely done, but what is generally reported is not the REAL ROI. http://www.strongtowns.org/journal/2013/3/25/three-core-understandings.html
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Mass Analytics - Uncover the Bright Side of Your Marketing ROI
Mass Analytics offers state-of-the-art Marketing Analytics & Software Solutions showing you the optimal way to spend your marketing budget, achieve maximum ROI and predict your future performance. Visit our website https://www.mass-analytics.com/ and request your free trial NOW. analytics software market mix modelling marketing analytics marketing automation marketing mix analysis marketing mix modeling marketing mix modeling case study marketing mix modeling companies marketing mix modeling example marketing mix modeling tutorial marketing mix modelling marketing mix optimization marketing roi masster media mix modeling media mix modeling companies mmm marketing mmm software multi touch attribution predictive analytics predictive analytics software return on marketing investment roi romi what is marketing mix modeling
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Experiture Marketing Platform - ROI-Based Reporting & Analytics
http://experiture.com Watch a brief demonstration of the Experiture Marketing Automation Platform’s ROI-focused Reporting & Analytics. In less than a minute, you will learn everything you need to know about how Experiture’s multichannel analytics and reporting help measure marketing results and optimize your customer experiences by providing a single on-demand interface to access your key multichannel metrics. Experiture enables you to see how your marketing programs impact the bottom line – with ROI-focused reporting that lets you know the performance of each of your marketing programs, inbound channels, and more . Only Experiture gives you a Reports environment that features customized dashboards and over 30 reports to give you unprecedented visibility and insights into your marketing. Want to learn more about Experiture's ROI-focused reporting? Schedule a 1-on-1 demo of the Experiture Marketing Platform now: http://experiture.com/request-demo Learn more about Experiture Marketing Automation: http://www.experiture.com/platform/marketing-automation
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ROI 10:1. Predictive Analytics Budget Reallocation – Case Study Victorinox Swiss Army x Webrepublic
Victorinox Swiss Army advertises its products in 33 markets globally; there are more than 120 digital initiatives on 9 different channels running to drive foot traffic into Victorinox Swiss Army’s brick and mortar stores. To maximise reach of the online store locator, Webrepublic has used predictive analytics to optimize budget allocation across all digital initiatives running. Thanks to the optimization conversions (visits to the store locator) increased by 35% while cost per conversion stayed stable. The return on investment of the optimization is 10 to 1. Learn more: http://wbrp.li/295oYrn. Client Alexander M. Bennouna – CEO (Victorinox Swiss Army) Webrepublic Gergely Kalmár – Data Scientist (Webrepublic) Anastasiia Emelianova – Project Lead for Victorinox Swiss Army (Webrepublic) Video Direction: Sophie Hwang (blassfisch.com) Animation: Sophie Hwang (blassfisch.com) Story Line: Simon Wüthrich (Webrepublic) Copy: Simon Wüthrich (Webrepublic) Music: Evgeny Kiselevich (Freelance)
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Mass Analytics - Uncover the Bright Side of Your Marketing ROI
Mass Analytics offers state-of-the-art Marketing Analytics & Software Solutions showing you the optimal way to spend your marketing budget, achieve maximum ROI and predict your future performance. Visit our website https://www.mass-analytics.com/ and request your free trial NOW analytics software market mix modelling marketing analytics marketing automation marketing mix analysis marketing mix modeling marketing mix modeling case study marketing mix modeling companies marketing mix modeling example marketing mix modeling tutorial marketing mix modelling marketing mix optimization marketing roi masster media mix modeling media mix modeling companies mmm marketing mmm software multi touch attribution predictive analytics predictive analytics software return on marketing investment roi romi what is marketing mix modeling
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IBM Big Data in a Minute: What Does Return on Investment Mean for Patient Care
http://ibm.co/1vHlMGA Streaming data from multiple medical devices can give doctors better near real time information about their patients. Using IBM InfoSphere and big data, doctors can look at multiple data streams to dive deeper into patient data and gain more insight. Learn more: http://ibm.co/healthcareanalytics
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Marketing Return on Investment: Definition, Formula & Example
Return on Investment (ROI) Formula and Use  What is marketing ROI?  To see thereturn on investmentyou are getting for the money you spend on the marketing campaign.  In simplest terms ROI is calculated as: (Sales Growth – Marketing Investment) / Marketing Investment = ROI  ROI is typically expressed as a percentage.  This is great for businesses who sell one-time products or services, but what if your business model is based on recurring sales.  In this case, you might be interested in using the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) formula instead. (Customer Lifetime Value - Marketing Investment Per Acquisition) / Marketing Investment Per Acquisition = ROI  In order to make the most of your Marketing campaigns and to get the most accurate calculation you need to measure and compare your sales and tracking everything you can that drives your business.  Use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you calculate ROI and also that it gives you information that will help you to increase your ROI.  After calculating your ROI, if you find unsatisfying results, don’t worry. The idea of calculating ROI is to have an idea of how things are going, you can target the problem and maximize your ROI.
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AdWords ROI
Analyze your ROI for AdWords campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.
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What is ROI? An Introduction to Return on Investment Marketing
#marketing #ppc #seo Welcome. My name is Tony Guo. I run several startups in Humble Texas which is near Houston Texas. I'm an entrepreneur and CEO of RunRex, a web consulting firm. I graduated NYU with honors and a BS in Biology. I passed the Patent Bar Exam when I was 21. Worked at a large IP law firm. And graduated William and Mary Law School. I’m barred in the State of New York. I love digital marketing. I run 7 companies : https://guttulus.com/ - Personal Blog. http://bitgale.com/ - Photography. http://ppchire.com/ - PPC. http://pandapatent.com/ - Patent and Intellectual Property http://mtglion.com/ - Magic the Gathering. http://runrex.com/ - Marketing. http://tyguo.com/ - Consulting. You can find me on linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/tyguo I look forward to sharing my experiences with you! Guttulus is one of the most popular PPC agencies in Humble, Texas with a large following. It is an PPC agency with a difference – it not only optimizes your websites but also teaches you important aspects of online marketing. Guttulus concentrates on pay-per-click advertising but also offers other SEO services such as web analytics and content creation. It also offers free digital marketing lessons. At BigGale, it’s our passion to provide our clients with as many options as possible. We offer a wide variety of professional media packages, as well as customization options for your website. Trust a team that can give you their all. Our services range from photography to videography or a combination of both. Take a look at our gallery to see which services would work best for you. PPChire is more than just an SEO agency. It offers all the SEO services needed to improve your site’s rank with major search engines. However, it also goes a step further to ensure that your site is certified with all major Google platforms: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Video (YouTube), Google Mobile, and Google Shopping. PPChire also offers clients SEO exams to test and increase their SEO skills – it does this in partnership with Guttulus. When it comes to internet marketing, going for the best is paramount since the gap between first and second best often has significant ramifications result-wise. In Houston, there are many internet marketing agencies, but PPChire stands out as the best for a variety of reasons. Welcome to MTG Lion. I'm a Magic the Gathering store that discusses spoilers, speculation, news, finance, commander, modern, standard, legacy, eternal and more. I take pride in my magic the gathering finance decisions and presenting magic the gathering spoilers before anyone else. There are dozens of free giveaways. Share with friends and other planeswalkers. Love you all. RunRex is a full service digital marketing agency with a team of experts readily available to help increase traffic and drive sales for your web-based operation. Consulting with local SMBs in development and traffic generation for their websites. Leveraging SEM, SEO, LSO, Social and Video tactics. Current clients include Software, Legal, Oil & Gas and Travel.
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Measuring Your Return on Investment - Digitally Tracking your Traffic and Conversions
CLICK THE LINK TO GET A MEASURED RETURN ON INVESTMENT http://massimmedia.co/measuring-return-on-investment/ Google Analytics For Tracking The king of the search engines, Google, provides a complete analytics package for tracking traffic that lands on your website. Not only can you determine where your traffic is coming from using Google Analytics, you can track the demographic origin of the traffic. You know what country, gender and even type of device and operating system the user is using to access your pages. Free or Paid Traffic? If you have organic traffic landing on your pages, you will know the referral source, how many of the visitors landed from organic search, how many landed as a result of your SMM, and how many landed as a result of paid efforts. You can track your social media response, the number of referrals from each referring website is easily observed. Your paid traffic is reported and conversions are readily identified on an ad or ad campaign basis. Reporting You can generate summary reports from the default settings, or customize your reports for those items you wish to track more closely. In short everything you need to track your online campaigns is available to you using free Google Tools. The manipulation of the data, on the other hand, does require a certain amount of experience and a particular skill set. If you are not familiar with using the analysis tools available from free or paid resources, you should get professional help. If you would like to change your website and online marketing campaigns, from a virtual billboard in the World Wide Wilderness, to an effcctive marketing tool, which generates a continual stream of online leads, you need a development and online advertising company with a clear idea on how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and prove an effective ROI. Eliene Teixeira dos Santos, Kenneth Ford and Chris Guerra, of MIMMCO, can help you to measure your ROI on your marketing campaigns. Make sure you contact them, at 314-266-1866 to help you with you internet marketing.
Clark Seavert - Perspective on ROI and Value in Ag Analytics
Dr. Clark Seavert, Professor at OSU brings perspective to the discussion regarding return on investment and value of analytics in agriculture. This is also part of the The Collision of Data & Agriculture … Challenges = Greatest Opportunity Discussion Video.
Facebook Ads / Bing Ads Cost & ROI in Google Analytics
Use Supermetrics Uploader to set up automatic cost data uploads from Facebook Ads and Bing Ads into Google Analytics. You can then see your advertising cost and ROI in Google Analytics reports. http://supermetrics.com/uploader
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How one customer used Proof Analytics to increase profit by 24%
It's hard to find any other area in a medium/large sized company, where a small change can have such an important financial impact as Proof Analytics. See the 1 min. summary of the financial impact we created for a global enterprise software company. https://proofanalytics.ai
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Denver Social Media Marketing: Measuring Return on Investment (ROI)
In August, 2013, Denver's premier social media for business group got analytical, focusing on calculating ROI (Return On Investment) from social media marketing. Concepts discussed included: • Social media's role in the sales funnel • The "opt-in" nature of social media, "push" vs "pull" marketing • The "shelf life" of a tweet • Using analytics to improve engagement Video courtesy of Conversation Starters Public Relations http://www.starttheconversations.com The group meets on the third Friday of each month at at the South Metro Denver Chamber (@bestchamber). While irreplaceable benefits of attending in person include business networking and the handout for the plan, live and archived updates are available on Twitter! Just follow the Hashtag #SMGDenver. You can even tweet in questions by using that Hashtag! Please join us at our upcoming events: • Friday, September 20, 2013: Chapter 9 - Social Media Monitoring http://www.meetup.com/SocialMarketing/events/123489932/http://www.meetup.com/SocialMarketing/events/109819342/ • Thursday, September 26, 2013: Rocky Mountain Social Media Marketing Summit http://www.meetup.com/SocialMarketing/events/123489932/ • Friday, October 18, 2013: Chapter 10 - Creating & Maintaining a Content Generation Plan http://www.meetup.com/SocialMarketing/events/130259122/ Who Should Attend: Executives and Business Owners interested in improving their social media marketing acumen and Return On Investment (ROI) from social media marketing Where: South Metro Denver Chamber, 2154 E. Commons Ave., Suite 342, Centennial, CO, 80122, in the Streets at SouthGlenn.
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How to use Analytics to measure investment in HR I Rolling Arrays
Manu Khetan, CEO and Founder of Rolling Arrays, addressed HR leaders about “Maximizing Your Return on Investment from HR Analytics” in HR Analytics, Insights and Implementation Forum APAC 2016. This video is about how HR leaders and professionals can use HR analytics to measure investment in HR.
Intro and Getting Stock Price Data - Python Programming for Finance p.1
Welcome to a Python for Finance tutorial series. In this series, we're going to run through the basics of importing financial (stock) data into Python using the Pandas framework. From here, we'll manipulate the data and attempt to come up with some sort of system for investing in companies, apply some machine learning, even some deep learning, and then learn how to back-test a strategy. I assume you know the fundamentals of Python. If you're not sure if that's you, click the fundamentals link, look at some of the topics in the series, and make a judgement call. If at any point you are stuck in this series or confused on a topic or concept, feel free to ask for help and I will do my best to help. https://pythonprogramming.net https://twitter.com/sentdex https://www.facebook.com/pythonprogramming.net/ https://plus.google.com/+sentdex
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Maximize ROI Webinar Part 1 By E-Nor
Web Analytics - Two analytics case studies demonstrating significant improvements in return on investment (ROI). A Business-to-Business (B2B) lead-generation case study as well as a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) eCommerce case study. E-Nor, (www.e-nor.com), with its proven continuous improvement process, helped these organizations lower their lead acquisition costs as well as their visitor-to-lead conversion rates. July 14, 2008
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Bizintel360 Digital Marketing Analytics Solution Overview
Bizintel360 Digital Marketing Analytics Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaign is the biggest challenge the organizations are facing today. Collecting data from various data sources like Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Microsoft Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Commission Junction, Facebook Marketing, Amazon Marketplace etc. is quite a challenging task. Marketing professional needs better insight on impact of marketing campaigns. They need visibility in funnel from impression, engagement, interactions, and click to conversions- complete buyers’ journey. Bizintel360 has ability to analyze data from various data sources in real time, which helps decision makers to take action on campaign bid strategy. This helps marketers to increase advertising revenue potential and optimize the budget on marketing channels. It’s important to understand where to invest, which campaigns are doing well, what ad types are working for organization, is it text, image or video, which geography can drive more revenue, which keywords has better strength, which digital marketing platforms are working well and how to make the campaign bid strategy actionable and ROI driven. With Bizintel360 you can connect multiple digital marketing platforms and get instant Search Engine Based interactive Dashboard and Reports. Digital Marketing analytics goes beyond the web analytics, understand if blogs gives you the needed ROI or should you focus on email marketing, understand what is the true return on investment of a certain marketing initiative and if you should continue using it. Understand how each of your marketing activity is helping you get closer to your business objective and at what rate.
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Cision Analytics
Communicators today need to do more than just distribute messages and respond to media requests. The ability to attribute value and instill meaning in the work your teams do, and earn media coverage your teams capture, is integral to the future of the communications industry. The Cision Communications Cloud® features a suite of metrics and automated analyses that translate your activities and earned media coverage into valuable insights and most importantly verifiable return-on-investment.
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Demo: IBM Big Data and Analytics at work in Banking
Visit http://ibmbigdatahub.com for more industry demos. Banks face many challenges as they strive to return to pre-2008 profit margins including reduced interest rates, unstable financial markets, tighter regulations and lower performing assets. Fortunately, banks taking advantage of big data and analytics can generate new revenue streams. Watch this real-life example of how big data and analytics can improve the overall customer experience. To learn more about IBM Big Data, visit http://www.ibm.com/big-data/us/en/ To learn more about IBM Analytics, visit http://www.ibm.com/analytics/us/en/
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Weekly HubFeed: Tracking Small Business Marketing ROI
Join us for our discussion this week about tracking Small Business ROI. We will be covering some recent data from RevLocal and Thrive Analytics about the lack of ROI tracking for small business digital marketing.
Investment Analytics Using "R" Demo
Investment Analytics Using "R" Demo In this video, you see the power of "R" for Investment and Portfolio Analytics. To learn more about using "R" in Investment analytics (especially for Asset, Wealth, Fund and Portfolio Managers), check out the comprehensive training programme - Certified R-Specialist in Investment Analytics (CRSIA): http://www.ethanhathaway.com/training/certified-r-specialist-investment-analytics-crsia/ ................... Visit us at: Web: http://www.ethanhathaway.com Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ethanhathawaytraining/
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Advances in Stream Analytics (Cloud Next '19)
Apache Beam, Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub are making stream processing even more powerful and easy to use. From multi-language support, to a new simplified editor for pipeline creation, to offloading stream processing to hyper-scalable and efficient stream processing infrastructure, to a new, unified way of monitoring and understanding what is going on with events in your stream - the future of streaming is here today. With an example from Lyft on how Apache Beam delivers Python support and portability with Apache Flink, come learn how you can make your data ingestion and processing more real-time. Stream Anatlytics Advances → https://bit.ly/2UdvdVk Watch more: Next '19 Data Analytics Sessions here → https://bit.ly/Next19DataAnalytics Next ‘19 All Sessions playlist → https://bit.ly/Next19AllSessions Subscribe to the G Suite Channel → https://bit.ly/G-Suite1 Speaker(s): Sergei Sokolenko, Kir Titievsky, Thomas Weise Session ID: DA311 product:Cloud Dataflow,Cloud Pub/Sub; fullname:Sergei Sokolenko,Kir Titievsky;
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Overview of IBM Decision Optimization Center 3.9
In this video, Hans Schlenker, offering manager for IBM Decision Optimization Center, shows a demo of the tool and discusses the new features and value that 3.9 delivers. Prescriptive analytics solutions can generate an enormous return on investment by deriving effective or optimal actions from business data resources. IBM Decision Optimization Center is a flexible platform that can deliver effective prescriptive analytics solutions across many business functions through a common architecture. Learn more: http://ibm.co/2ahldVw Subscribe to the IBM Analytics Channel: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ibmbigdata The world is becoming smarter every day, join the conversation on the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub: http://www.ibmbigdatahub.com https://www.youtube.com/user/ibmbigdata https://www.facebook.com/IBManalytics https://www.twitter.com/IBMbigdata https://www.linkedin.com/company/ibm-big-data-&-analytics https://www.slideshare.net/IBMBDA
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Metrics tactics proven to increase marketing ROI
Which analytical approaches are most successful for increasing Marketing ROI?
CardioLog Analytics for SharePoint: About Us
CardioLog Analytics is the only analytics tool designed specifically for SharePoint and Office 365. It delivers deep insights into the performance of portal, web, and social platform initiatives enabling organizations to optimize their portal’s impact and maximize their return on investment. The solution is available for On-Premises and SaaS deployments.
The Unseen Costs of Foster Care: Social Return on Investment Study
"The investment in foster care has multiplied the future negative outcomes far beyond those occurring in the general population." - Social Return on Investment analysis, Ecotone Analytics. This was discovered when completing an analysis on foster care answering the question, "What is the social return from the $29.9 billion annual public investment in foster care?" Watch this webinar for more details about the report findings and how we can use it in our efforts to keep kids safely with their families.
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MEA Digital HR & Analytics 2019, Dubai, UAE
As digital transformation continues to disrupt all facet of business and workplace culture, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, analytics, IoT and different leading-edge technologies, organisations are racing to improve and enhance the employee experience and overall return in investments. Join us on this 3-day conference, themed around "Technology Driven & People-Centric". Address how to innovate and collaborate your HR digital transformation journey, enhance the use of HR analytics, facilitate continuous workforce and workplace optimisation, and at the same time, tackle key challenges as a Digital leader and predictive business partner. For more information, please visit: https://bit.ly/2O2I5rc This event is part of the exclusive MEA Digital Series 2019. #DigitalSeriesMEA #ManagementEvents
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