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GTX 1080 ti EXTREME Zcash Mining Modded Driver February 2018
Extreme mining rig with our newest driver specially modded in 2018 Insane hashrate we obtained through this driver 786sol/s with a nice power consumption! The drivers parameters were modified to optimize the GTX chip to work in extreme conditions! If you have questions don't hesitate to ask!! Our team of specialists are here to respond to your questions!! Click description link for download our hottest release!! http://bit.ly/2GrYXns
Montecrypto 20 words (wallet.dat download) out of 24
After 2000 hours of gameplay,i obtained 20 words in the correct form out of 24, I tried all I could do to get the last 4 words but I couldn't finish the game,so for my time spent on this ABSOLUTE GAME I gaved up to stress and i put my (wallet.dat) file with the containg words for sale If someones need a shortcut you found the right place Check description link for download http://bit.ly/2IGiekJ Maybe I am not smart enough or someone see things better than me! Thank you and hope you will enjoy this game as I did!